Ever dreamed of owning your own Noorduyn Norseman?  The seller is motivated to find a new home for either CF-JEC or CF-GJN.  Contact Ryan Berryman, 587-433-2972, now.

Airworthy Norseman

At the bottom of the page titled About the Noorduyn Norseman, the airworthy list has been recently updated and shows 16 active airworthy Norseman in the world today. While this number is down, there are many restorations ongoing and the warbird community of Norseman appears to be growing. The largest single customer for the Norseman was the United States Army Air Force during World War II accounting for approximately 83% of total production!

As a private owner/operator the type is rather expensive to fly and commercially a handful continue to shuttle between northern lakes.  Keep ’em flying!

Norseman News Bites

After many years on the market, N78691 has been sold to Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures in Bethel, Alaska. A Mk VI, serial 637 will join the fleet on floats and the plan is to have it formally in service later this summer.

CF-SAN, serial N29-29 is now privately registered to “Buffalo Joe” McBryan. Previously commercially registered to Buffalo Airways this Mk V model was a star at the Norseman “Diamond Jubilee” festival in 1995.

The Red Lake and area Norseman population remains healthy with both CF-JIN and CF-KAO getting prepared for float season at Chimo Air on Howey bay. Recently, finding a propeller for JIN had put its future in doubt but apparently this issue has been resolved. Also, Mk IV C-FFUU will be hauling supplies into Birch Lake Lodge for the 2016 summer tourist season.

N78691 being readied for a ferry flight from the "lower 48" to Alaska.

N78691 being readied for a ferry flight from the “lower 48” to Alaska.

New Prices, CF-JEC and CF-GJN

An update to the post from January 2016.

CF-JEC price has been reduced from 300,000 CAD to 199,000 USD or best offer.

CF-GJN price has been reduced from 400,000 CAD to 299,000 USD or best offer.

Seller: Ryan Berryman

Phone: 587-433-2972


Born Again BSB


Above; CF-BSB wintering at Selkirk airport, Manitoba.  December 21, 2015.

Throughout the decades most Norseman have moved around numerous operators, some with longer periods of inactive ground bonding hibernation. Also, nowadays all commercial Norseman are on floats in the colder parts of Canada so they only fly seasonally when the freshwater lakes are free of ice.

The latest example to re-enter service for hire is CF-BSB of Interlake Aviation based in Gimli, Manitoba. Being a post WWII Mark V model, serial N29-15 is a relatively young 70 years of age.

Owned by aircraft mechanic Tom Phinney and leased to Interlake the plans are to fly out of Riverton and Pine Dock in the southwestern quadrant of Lake Winnipeg. Used for general charters and servicing a fishing lodge approximately 240 statute miles north-northeast from the city of Winnipeg, another Norseman is starting a new chapter!


Quietly, the Noorduyn Norseman recently passed a milestone in longevity.  January 1936 saw serial number 1, CF-AYO enter service with Dominion Skyways of Montreal and Rouyn, Quebec only 65 days after its first flight!  I believe no other airplane type in the world history of aviation can claim 80 years of commercial flying.  The piston powered Douglas DC-3 comes close, taking to the air on December 17, 1935 versus CF-AYO on November 14.

If you have “Norsemania” and would like to see the skeletal remains of AYO make your way to the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  They also have serial 17, CF-BFT on static display to look at and climb in.

Do you find it interesting that the Norseman can be viewed as a museum artifact or a working bushplane in 2016?  Such is the enduring lure of this Canadian classic.




Above and left; Mk IV CF-BFT on display in Sault Ste. Marie.  Above right; CF-AYO with Dominion Skyways in 1936.




Welcome to this new festival blog feature that we hope you will find interesting, informative and together we will maintain the spirit of the Noorduyn Norseman for a younger generation.

This Canadian built bush plane helped open the vast north, was used by the hundreds during WWII and even to this day can be found as a commercial asset some 80 years into the saga!  That said, its airworthy numbers are declining and the purpose of this blog is to profile the present owners, operators, Norseman and memorabilia for sale with the intent to…keep them flying!  Enjoy.

Mr. Collin Oliver

In March of 2015 the Norseman community lost a huge festival participant whose passion for the type eventually led him to owning three Norseman.Colin Oliver

Mr. Collin Oliver, of Brooks, Alberta had many interests and hobbies including stock car racing, hockey, airplanes, restoring antique cars, boating and water skiing.

During the 1990’s his attention focused to the Norseman and he purchased a Mark V version, CF-BSC (Serial N29-17) in May 1997.  At the time, BSC had not flown for nearly 23 years and a long period of restoration took place.  Some may recall seeing the airplane on static display in Vancouver for Expo 86.  There is a funny, although unconfirmed story of a gentleman getting into a debate with a young tour guide at the fair who was positive that the Norseman was no longer in service anywhere!

Like the mythological phoenix, BSC flew again with Austin Airways color scheme in July of 2012 and stole the show that year, being reborn to an immaculate, authentic condition.  If you are a serious collector of aircraft or culturally significant Canadiana this airplane is for you.

In the summer of 1998, CF-JEC (Serial 469) was acquired.  This airplane has a strong connection to Northwest Ontario and was operated in the Red Lake area for some three decades by Sabourin Lake Airways.  Intended as a parts supply for BSC, Collin chose to fix up JEC and used it as his personal Norseman while BSC was in the shop.

Then, about 8 years ago he decided to seriously explore using Norseman commercially and CF-GJN (Serial 797) came online after an extensive rebuild.  The adventure was partially successful and both GJN and JEC are now at Ignace, Ontario for sale.

Collin Oliver’s wish was to have these three Norseman fly on into the future and contribute to the festival in the Norseman capital of the world.

CF-BSC For Sale








CF-BSC   Serial N29-17   Mark V

Airframe Time: 15,010.3

Price: Contact Seller

Seller: Ryan Berryman

Phone: 587-433-2972


CF-JEC For Sale







CF-JEC   Serial 469   Mark VI

Airframe Time: 15,869.6

Aluminum Fuselage STC

Price: CAD 300,000 OBO

Seller: Ryan Berryman

Phone: 587-433-2972