Annual Norseman List 2018

           ZMX- Photo by Larry Milberry

As the 2018 Norseman Festival is a little over one month away it is time to review and update the Airworthy Norseman list.

If you have any information about Norseman happenings so we can have an accurate record for 2018 please e-mail me at;

Why C-46 Commando and not something Norseman related for the e-mail? Well that is another story!

There will be some changes as a few Norseman are pending sales to new owners. As of now eleven Norseman in the world are regularly flown.  If one is in airworthy condition but not flown at least once per year, I consider it not active. That said, Norseman are now normally only flown during the warmer months and the only one I know of flying last northern winter was N164UC on skis. Going forward there are always projects in the works and I’m confident there will be more flying in the years ahead.

Private owners, collectors, museums and nostalgic air tours are becoming the majority of operations and the last commercial “working” Norseman are one in Alaska, N78691 and three in Manitoba, Canada.

Any help or comments are appreciated, thanks!