Airworthy Norseman List 2022

AIRWORTHY NOORDUYN NORSEMAN as of 1 November 2021 Page 1 of 3

(Double) click the above PDF link for this years list.

Note – As of October 24, the Transport Canada website has not been updated to show CF-BSB when doing a quick search so only 25 records will be found.

The list (page 1 and 2) reflects the policy change where Norseman with a cancelled Certificate of Registration can only be found on the historical register search. This is why page 2 is considerably shorter than the 2020 list.

With the airworthy status of individual Norseman often changing there can be ambiguity as to how many are airworthy. If one has not flown for more than one year I consider it not active and will move it to page 2. A couple have moved back to page 1 as they become active again. The number of airworthy Norseman appears to be growing at this time.

Anyway, enjoy Norseman fans! If you have a question send me an email – or call.  Thanks!