Norseman Status 2023

The Norseman Festival is only a few weeks away and for those interested here is the latest information about where these classic bush planes continue to operate. A few highlights follow;

The biggest news is the sale of CF-IGX to Clark’s Outposts where it will be operated privately shuttling supplies from their base at Cedar Lake, Ontario to 25 Fly-In Outposts. The Norseman is well suited for this type of work and hopefully IGX can make an appearance at this next edition of the festival.

In southern Ontario, preparations are underway to have CF-JIN back flying after a complete restoration to its first chapter of existence as RCAF 2482. If you want to own a piece of history see;

CF-JEC is not being used this summer and is for sale at $197,500 Canadian dollars.

A couple Norseman in the USA have come back on the market. One of these, N78691 is in Alaska and the owner is switching to a turbine powered airplane.

Please send me an email or call if you know any other Norseman news. Contact information is at the bottom of page 1.

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