JEC Update

Work is progressing slow and steady at Northland Aircraft in Ignace, Ontario on the restoration of Norseman CF-JEC. Not having flown for many years and being outside in the weather has deteriorated the fabric and now some woodwork of the wings needs to be replaced. Originally plans were to have the airplane flying to its new home in Quebec this fall but that has been pushed ahead until the next float season. JEC, serial 469 is a Mk VI, military model designation UC-64AS and in 1976 the fuselage fabric was replaced with aluminum. Thus, when it is back in the air, JEC will be one of two metal fuselage Norseman flying (N164UC in the United States is the other).

At this time, there are numerous projects ongoing and within the next couple years more Norseman should be returning to the sky. Not bad for a design from 83 years ago! In Europe alone there might be three Norseman warbirds flying at museums and airshows.

Back on topic, thanks to the new owner of JEC, Olivier Lemieux for sending a couple pictures that give us a good look at the internal wing structure of wood ribs and spar in the Norseman. We wish him well with this restoration and many more years of service as JEC starts another chapter in the larger story of the Norseman saga.