Save Our DRD


A call action to all local aviation lovers

The Norseman Festival Committee and The Hwy 105 Tourism & Marketing Board (formerly the Red Lake Publicity Board) have joined together to start a campaign to save Red Lake’s aviation monument: CF-DRD.

On July 31, 2017, a severe hailstorm went through Red Lake and caused severe damage to homes, vehicles and aircraft. The Norseman Park monument, which is the town’s icon, is covered in fabric. The hail created holes through the body and wings of DRD severe enough as to go right through to the inside of the aircraft.  As a result, any moisture caused by rain or melting snow will rot the interior of the fuselage and eventually, the whole structure will fall apart leaving Red Lake with no icon.

Urgent Action is needed to Save DRD. The monument needs to be removed and re-covered as soon as possible in order to ensure the integrity of the monument and the safety of the public.  A crane will need to lift DRD down, the wings will need to be taken off, and she will need to be transported to a very large shelter where the maintenance can be done. The airplane mount will be without DRD for quite some time.

Fortunately there is some insurance coverage that the Municipality of Red Lake has claimed; however, initial quotes for restoration of the aircraft have come in at over twice the approved claim leaving us short thousands and thousands of dollars.

The Save Our DRD Norseman Campaign needs volunteers to come forward and help out in any way they can. CAN YOU HELP?  We are looking for the following:

1)  More people to join our campaign team

2)  Volunteers to participate in fundraising/organizations to fundraise for our cause

3)  Volunteers to help with the actual restoration process.

Anyone interested in participating and supporting the Movement is encouraged to contact any of the following members. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to be on the lookout and to please support upcoming fundraisers relating to the “Save Our DRD Norseman Campaign”.

For more information, please contact Duane Riddell @ 807-727-0772 or Birgit Wilson @ 807-727-3718 or Sophie Castonguay @705-363-8906, OR email:

Read article published in the Northern Sun News


Upcoming Fundraisers

McTaggart’s – is donating 10% off the sale of their hoodies towards the restoration of DRD

We are open to ideas if you would like to host a fundraiser for DRD!

Let us know….

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