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Norseman Collector’s Edition  Package  $125
This exclusive collection includes all posters from 1992-2023.

The collection also includes Norseman Festival programs from 2009, 2010 & 2012,

a 32 page booklet entitled: “Norseman Capital of the World” by Robert Grant, aviation historian.

Buttons featuring CF-DRD from 1993 and 1995.

Last but not least, this collector’s edition pack includes a 1995 Diamond Jubilee Collector`s Coin with the image of CF-DRD which is now the centrepiece of Norseman Heritage Park in Red Lake.

Individual Posters:
*Many of these posters are the creative genius of Don Nord a local photographer and artist. The majority of these posters are works of art and will be a historic and beautiful addition to the home or business of any aviation, Norseman or Red Lake enthusiast.

Individual poster Price $10


This black and white poster showcases the cockpit of Norseman CF-OBE and a pilot’s cap that Norseman pilots such as Duane Riddell from the Red Lake Airport used to wear while flying their Norseman at Green’s Airways. This year was also the official opening of Norseman Heritage Park and the dedication of the restored CF-DRD.



Similar to the 1992 poster except with some red highlights, this poster is one of the originals highlighting the festivities of the now yearly festival.



This black & white poster is again very similar to the original 1992 poster describing the activities of the festival and the world’s largest gathering of airworthy Norseman.



The largest of all posters, this colourful work of art showcases CF-DRD coming in for a landing in the bay. This Diamond Jubilee celebrates 60 years of the Norseman and started a new trend in colourful and artistic Festival posters.



Come visit our annual reunion of floatplane pilots, owners, mechanics and enthusiasts. This year’s poster is a photo of a Norseman aircraft flying over a North western countryside. It is by Colleen Robinson and the design is by Los Logos.



Black and white with blue highlighting, this poster showcases C-FLZO taking off from a pristine North western Ontario lake. FLZO has been residing at the Red Lake airport for many years now and is still owned by D. Mockford of Alberta but it is for sale. Make an offer on this classic beauty.



This poster by Cher Hogan depicts the nose and floats of a Norseman aircraft tied at a dock. This poster is the only purple poster and is quite colourful.



Visit the modern community where history comes alive. This year’s poster showcases festival fireworks over Norseman CF-DRD.



The poster of the year features 2 Norsemans, one of them CF-DTL flying over the abundance of lakes and the calm serenity of Northwestern Ontario. DTL is still alive and kicking, owned by Gordon Hughes and residing in Ignace.



Celebrating 1926-2001, Fire & Gold. The Forestry aspect and the Red Lake Gold Rush were highlighted at this year’s festival. The poster features DRD flying over a mine shaft and a fire tower.



This artistic rendition of 3 Norsemans flying high is another concept by Don Nord designed by Red Lake Digital Media Inc.



This year’s image simply and elegantly pictures Norseman CF-DRD and Fokker CF-AAM, which is now in the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg.



The 2004 poster features an old prospector from Red Lake saluting a Norseman pilot who flew him to his claim “on wings of gold”



This classic poster depicts mechanics and pilots such as Ned Greybird and JB carefully maintaining a Norseman plane to “keep them flying”



This poster features Ron Robinson with his grandkids and Don Nord’s dog watching in eager anticipation the approaching Norseman aircrafts.



This year paid tribute to Beech 18 aircrafts which were also a powerful workhorse in the air. The image features Dave Robinson and Don Nord’s dog.



This poster highlights the feeling of community in being the Norseman Capital of the World. The hands embracing the Norseman symbolize the honour and pride all Red Lake residents feel at Norseman Festival time.



This legacy edition poster features a man in a home office facing Howey Bay watching with wonder as a Norseman lands in the Bay.



Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Norseman. This poster features Gord Hughes of Northlander Aircraft Service flying the Norseman in the image.



This is a special year in that the festival consisted of Rock the Runway in celebration of the grand opening of the brand new Airport Terminal. The concert was held in front of the new illuminated but locked terminal that opened its doors shortly thereafter.

2012- This year marks the first year that both Rock the Runway and Norseman Days were held. This poster describes the festivities of the Norseman Days.


This year`s poster matter of factly describes the weekend`s festivities in a yellow and black print.


2014- This colorful poster showcases images from many of the festivities taking part in the yearly festival.


This poster pays tribute to the late Ron Robinson, the economic development officer that originally started the Norseman Festival.



The child pictured in the most vibrant of all the posters is awestruck by the Norseman that is reflected in his glasses.


IMG_5476 2017-

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary edition of the Norseman Festival, this poster pays tribute to our aviation heritage as well as to the Harvard Aerobatic Team that wowed Red Lake with its prowesses in 2017

2018- This year, the artist Don Nord depicts his grandson, like so many other young ones dreaming of becoming bush pilots. Bush pilots in training !



2019- This was a special year where we honored Gord and Eleanor Hughes of Northland Aircraft Service in Ignace who have been restoring Canadian Aviation History for many years. They have been specializing in restoring Norsemans for decades and are presently restoring Red Lake’s standout monument CF-DRD


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These heavy, quality glasses benefit the Norseman Festival Committee. There is a tall beer glass with the logo of the Norseman Fly By and a shorter whiskey glass perfect for drinks of all kinds.  Available online, locally at the Thirsty Moose Bar & Grill as well as at the Red Lake Airport if you schedule a pick up here.


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2coinsNorseman Keepsake Box & Coins $50

This beautifully crafted collector’s item is one of only 500 ever produced! They are numbered and certified authentic. The kit consists of a wooden box with the Norseman logo on the front and a full cut round brilliant-58 facet diamond on the viking’s helmet. The kit also comes with a golden collector’s coin featuring Norseman CF-AZS of Starratt Airways who was the first Norseman to fly into Red Lake. AZS  was used for many years to carry freight into Red Lake and into the surrounding communities. The kit also comes with the aforementioned Silver Coin of CF-DRD as well as with literature explaining the coins and giving a little history of Norseman’s in Red Lake.