Buyer’s Market

Mk V Norseman, N45TG has been in open storage at the Baudette airport, Minnesota for many years and the owner would like to sell the airplane and all associated parts as a total package in the near future. The airport operator is asking for the airplane to be moved from the property and this will necessitate dismantling and a relocation soon before the coldest parts of winter arrive.

If you are looking for a project or need Norseman spares, contact Todd Griffen at 218 556-2589.

May 2022. Photo credit – Raymond Oostergo.

This started me thinking about other Norseman presently for sale and there are quite a few.

In Alaska, N78691 (Mk VI, Noorduyn serial 637) is advertised at 169,500 USD. Operated commercially on wheels it is now parked awaiting a new owner as the current owner switched to turbine powered equipment. See; N78691

On Platinum Fighter Sales (link here) is an add for Noorduyn serial 224 with the interesting registration of N164UC. This is a play on the Norseman’s USAAF designation of UC-64. Asking price is $245,000 USD.

Not actively listed although still on the market is Norseman floatplane CF-JEC located near La Motte, Quebec. Last advertised at $197,500 CAD, this Mk VI with Noorduyn serial 469 is featured on a beer label by Bush Pilot Brewing! If you are interested please call owner Olivier Lemieux at 819 727-4080 or email;

Other Norseman that are presently inactive and potential buys are CF-FOX and CF-LZO. For information, email;

Canadian Norseman Extraordinaire!

Autumn of 2020 on Forster reservoir in Alberta just before ferry flights to Ignace, Ontario.

If one Norseman exemplifies what the type is about and its connection to Canada perhaps that would be a Mark V model known as BSC.

Serial N29-17 was registered as CF-BSC in June of 1946 for K. V. Gamble and Co, Toronto. This company went bankrupt before delivery and by August the new bush plane was flying at Austin Airways, the start of a 27 year career with the northern Ontario based airline. True to its purpose of design, BSC formed an integral part of transportation and development beyond roads end for many decades. Being utilized for 400 to 600 or more hours per year the airplane amassed almost 14,000 hours with Austin before Cargair in Quebec bought it.

BSC on the front cover of Larry Milberry’s authoritative volume 2 book about the Noorduyn Norseman. Photo by Rich Hulina.

Here BSC was used in the James Bay area during construction of Quebec Hydro dams. By the end of 1974 this well used Norseman was taken apart and put in storage.

After passing through a couple more owners the aircraft was donated to the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation in 1983. It was restored to Austin Airways’ classic red and black colours and shown on static display at the Expo 86 world fair in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Eleven years later in May of 1997 Collin Oliver of Brooks, Alberta purchased BSC and the restoration work became more serious with the intent of having the airplane fly again while further detailing to take the airplane back five decades as if in a time warp. Considering you can’t rush perfection another 15 years passed before BSC took to the sky in July 2012 after nearly 38 years on the ground! Gord Hughes, owner of Northland Aircraft Service in Ignace, Ontario completed the job and it wowed the crowd at the Norseman festival that summer.

It has been on book covers, a model, and seen at no less than a world’s fair. Now with just over 15,000 hours of flight time and having always resided in Canada, BSC is offered for sale in Ignace to a serious collector who will hopefully keep this famous bush plane flying in Canada for many years to come.

Contact Eleanor or Gord Hughes for information at 807 934-6394 or email:

N164UC (Formerly CF-UUD) For Sale

Referencing a July 2016 post titled Metal Makeover, the present owner of N164UC wants to find a good new home for this truly unique Norseman that has been operated privately for the past 27 years. It has an oversized cargo door, metal skinned fuselage and metal wheel skis. Lovingly maintained, it had $50,000 US plus invested during 2016 in the interior overhaul and other work bringing this classic to showroom condition.

A UC-64A model (Mark VI), serial #224 was originally a warbird delivered to the USAAF in 1943. If you or someone you know are interested in this airplane located in Minnesota, please contact Rodney Kozar at phone number, 250 212-2178 anytime or email



Only Norseman with extra large door.











CF-JIN / CF-KAO Status

Red Lakers will recall the familiar sight of former Chimo Air Norseman CF-JIN and CF-KAO. These two aircraft are still present at Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport in southern Ontario, Canada.

The photo above shows JIN stripped down and undergoing a major rebuild back to active flight condition. When completed, JIN will regain its title as the oldest flying Norseman in the world. Originally delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force as #2482 on May 2, 1941 as a Mk IV (serial 55), JIN has undergone at least two or possibly three rebuilds prior to this one! Another claim to fame was the use of CF-JIN in the airborne scenes of the 2003 movie The Snow Walker. As a side note, Norseman GYY (currently being restored for static display at the Montreal Aviation Museum) was used for the ground scenes.

At some point in the many lives of JIN it was converted from a Mk IV to a post WW II, Mk V model. This is thought to have occurred in 1957 and now the serial number reads CC&F 55. This Norseman, approaching 80 years in time should be back in the air next spring or summer of 2020. This historic airplane is offered for sale at $315,000 USD, contact Dennis Ryan – 519-402-2199 or

Fabric recovering of JIN with KAO in the left background.


CF-KAO is a Mk VI, serial number 636 built for the USAAF in 1944 and presently for sale as is, where is at $135,000 USD. At that price it is a project airplane for a team to give it new wings.


CF-FOX For Sale or Lease

Norseman serial 340, CF-FOX is available for lease or sale. Presently stored at Northland Aircraft in Ignace, Ontario the owner is asking $195,000 CAD for the floatplane as is. This Mark VI has rounded cockpit windows like a Mark V so some modifications have been done over the years, including the useful plywood door opening to accommodate cabin loading and panoramic cabin windows.

Contact Neil Walsten at 807-468-0222 for details. Alternately, email me at if Neil cannot be reached or any Norseman news you wish to share. Thanks!

Originally delivered to the USAAF as 43-5349, FOX in the sun as summer arrives last June. (2018)

Keep them Flying?

There are only a couple places left in Canada with a sizeable cache of Norseman airframes and parts. Buffalo Airways’ location at the Red Deer airport, Alberta is presently home to six stripped down airframes salvaged or collected over the years by owner and Norseman aficionado Joe McBryan. Not only does Joe personally fly his Norseman, Mk V CF-SAN in the northern summers, he has worked with Alberta museums to bring the history of the aircraft to the people in recognition of that province helping develop the north through its geographical then infrastructure connections.

Recent Mk VI acquisition C-FFQX, serial 625 is complete with wings and would be a relatively easy restoration project for those in the know.

As someone who loves to see these vintage transports in their airborne element, Joe has also prevented many Norseman from fading into oblivion and would like to see the population of active flying examples increase.

With Red Deer airport only about a 75 minute drive north of Calgary International (CYYC), it is worth checking out the collection if you are in the area and share a passion for the airplane.

If you want a Norseman project to buy or are looking for that elusive part, “Buffalo Joe” likely has what you need at their Red Deer maintenance and storage facility. email or phone Katherine, communications director at 867-765-6029.

Backed by Joe, in 1994 CF-EIH was recovered from Allen Lake, Northwest Territories after spending some 46 years at the crash site. Serial 94, a Mark IV is immaculate now at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton.

CF-ECD collecting dust at Red Deer. This Mark V last flew in June 1982. During a forced landing at Dogskin Lake in Manitoba the airplane overturned in the water.

Ghosts from the past. CF-NJK on the left and C-FFQX to the right. Click on the photo to expand it and a small portion of CF-GTM’s structure can be seen in the far left background and CF-NJV’s left main gear in the corner foreground. Get the picture?

This UC-64A (Mark VI), serial 242 eventually became CF-NJK on the Canadian civil register. Note the modification of additional aft windows and the green fuselage airframe of CF-NJV behind.

CF-BSB For Sale

As float flying season approaches in the boreal forests of Canada, Norseman CF-BSB is now for sale priced at $175,000 Canadian dollars.  This Mk V model, serial N29-15 was featured in a post from March 2016. For details go to and call Tom Phinney at 204-801-5740.

Calling all Collectors

For serious aircraft collectors here are four for sale Norseman in fabulous condition.  Get your bids in!

Mk V, Serial N29-17, CF-BSC at $399,000 USD or best offer and;

Mk VI, Serial 797, CF-GJN at $199,000 USD or best offer.  Got to for details.

Mk VI, Serial 224, N164UC can now be found at listed for $425,000 USD.

Mk V, Serial 364, CF-FQI (converted from Mk VI) is listed for $395,000 USD at or alternatively through the website.

You could put them back to work, but the 400K price range is showroom condition for a Norseman.  Keep them Flying!


N164UC, Serial 224 For Sale

Referencing a July 2016 post titled Metal Makeover, the present owner of N164UC (formerly CF-UUD) has been located and he wants to find a good, new home for this unique Norseman.  It has an oversized cargo door, metal skinned fuselage and wheel skis.  Lovingly maintained, it just had $18,000 US invested in the interior overhaul plus about $24,000 in other work.

A Mark VI model (UC-64A) delivered to the USAAF in 1943, look for this showpiece at Oshkosh 2017.  If you or someone you know are interested in this airplane located in Minnesota contact Tony Phillippi at his business phone number,       651-406-4900.  More information at



Only Norseman with extra large door.













GJN and BSC still available


Mark VI Norseman CF-GJN has had its selling price reduced to $250,000 CAD.  We hope this aircraft that was restored eight years ago will return to active flying soon.

Also, CF-BSC now has a listed price at $500,000 CAD.  This is probably the most authentic and beautiful Mark V out there, a showroom masterpiece in its paint scheme from service with original operator Austin Airways.

For more details see, click on Amphibian & Floatplane or contact Ryan Berryman, or call 587-433-2972.