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Summer 2024 Report

First up, a short overview of the increasing number of Norseman in Joe McBryan’s collection; In Yellowknife Joe has his personal Mk V, serial N29-29, CF-SAN floatplane although the latest news indicates it has yet to fly this season. Also in the hangar are a dismantled Mk VI, serial 625, CF-FQX and the fuselage of […]

Alberta Bound

Actually about two weeks ago, Norseman N45TG was loaded on a trailer in Baudette, Minnesota and had a long road trip angling into Canada then west to Red Deer, Alberta. This Mark V model was CF-BSH in northwest Ontario with the last Canadian operator being Pikangikum Air Service. New owner, Joe McBryan will probably use […]

Buyer’s Market Status Update

Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots NWT and Plane Savers fame) has purchased Norseman N45TG that was featured in the previous blogpost. The plan is to have the airplane moved by road to the Red Deer airport in Alberta where Buffalo has a large maintenance and storage operation. Founder Joe McBryan is an avid Norseman enthusiast and […]

Buyer’s Market

Mk V Norseman, N45TG has been in open storage at the Baudette airport, Minnesota for many years and the owner would like to sell the airplane and all associated parts as a total package in the near future. The airport operator is asking for the airplane to be moved from the property and this will […]

Norseman Status 2023

The Norseman Festival is only a few weeks away and for those interested here is the latest information about where these classic bush planes continue to operate. A few highlights follow; The biggest news is the sale of CF-IGX to Clark’s Outposts where it will be operated privately shuttling supplies from their base at Cedar […]

Norseman Warbird Restorations USA

Above photo – Vultee BT-13 Valiant in foreground. February 15, 2023. As a follow on to the last blogpost, we will look at a couple of the restorations presently occurring in the USA. There certainly is no shortage of Norseman rebuilds going on and first up is Noorduyn serial 163 at Boulder, Colorado. This UC-64A […]

Norseman News Roundup

The restoration project of Norseman serial 668, LV-FFH in Argentina has come to a halt. Fortunately the airframe is stored in a hangar and awaits a new owner to complete it. Hopefully one day this Norseman will return to the air as the sole example flying in the southern hemisphere. In Europe, work continues to […]

Subject: Norseman List 2022

Please email me for the latest listing on the status of 38 Norseman in the world today. Another list from last year gives the additional locations of 18 Norseman in museums or mounted on pylons in Canada and the USA. email: c46commando@hotmail.com

CF-AYO Replica

Restoration work appears to be moving along at a greater pace in the Montreal Aviation Museum with their Norseman C-FGYY. This Mark VI, serial 427 was originally USAAF number 43-35353. The museum acquired the aircraft in derelict condition during 2017 and decided to depict it in the colours of AYO’s first commercial operator, Dominion Skyways […]

Memory Lane

From 1935 to 1959 Norseman were in production at the Cartierville airport in Montreal. By the 1990’s this property was prime land for redevelopment as the city grew to cover almost all of the Island of Montreal. See https://www.norsemanfestival.on.ca/norduyn-now/ and https://www.norsemanfestival.on.ca/norduyn-now-redux/ Very near the spot where the huge complex rolled out the Norseman utility airplane by […]