Buyer’s Market Status Update

Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots NWT and Plane Savers fame) has purchased Norseman N45TG that was featured in the previous blogpost. The plan is to have the airplane moved by road to the Red Deer airport in Alberta where Buffalo has a large maintenance and storage operation.

Founder Joe McBryan is an avid Norseman enthusiast and this Mk V, Noorduyn serial N29-23 will join four other airframes in Red Deer. In total, Joe will now have 8 Norseman frames varying in condition from spare fuselage tubing to airworthy Mk V CF-SAN. This could now constitute the largest collection in the world. Northland Aircraft Service in Ignace, Ontario is the only other outfit that has Norseman and parts for them at this scale.

In the USA, Norseman N164UC has had a $20,500 price reduction to $224,500 USD. The other N registered Mk VI that is being actively marketed, N78691 remains priced at $169,500 USD.

The Airworthy Norseman list was updated at the beginning of 2024 with minor edits and CF-BSB moved to the not active page because it last flew in October of 2021.

AIRWORTHY NOORDUYN NORSEMAN as of 1 January 2024 Page 1 of 3

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