CF-ZMX is the first Norseman to be repaired since the violent hailstorm that hit Red Lake in July of 2017 only one week after the festival.  Recently seen in storage at its Selkirk, Manitoba wintertime home, ZMX (serial #669) is looking factory fresh. In fact, Park Rapids Aviation of Minnesota did such a precise, beautiful finish it pains me to think of bug impacts when this classic flies over to Red Lake again next float season.

A complete exterior fabric recovering was done and observers will note the same colours and paint scheme were applied. The only difference upon a second review appears to be a slightly changed font for CF-ZMX.

The Green family was without their heirloom aircraft for a year, but we now look forward to seeing this star attraction at the 2019 Norseman festival.

The other damaged Norseman are CF-DRD, CF-JIN, and CF-KAO. In due course, it is planned to have these three fully repaired as well.