Welcome to the Norseman Festival

Red Lake’s Norseman Floatplane Festival is an exciting, all ages, annual event that occurs each year in the latter part of July. Traditionally it has attracted aviation enthusiasts from around the world and introduced many newcomers to the freedom of float flying.

Now the 20 plus year old celebration has expanded into a two weekend event including wheeled aircraft as well. It’s a combination of a good old fashioned aviation get together and good old fashioned family fun, although the activities themselves may be a mix of both old and new.

The Festival in 2014 will kick off at the Red lake Airport, located in near-by Cochenour, on July 19th. Events in 2013 included exhibits of historic artifacts, a Wings & Wheels static display of aircraft and heritage vehicles, airplane tours, Pitt Special aerobatic flights, a concert and a beer garden, plus a number of other activities that organizers feel will be enjoyed by attendees, such as crowd challenging Fire Fit demonstrations.

Weekend two will take place at the Kinsman Beach in Red Lake on July 25th and July 26th, with two days of varied activities. Visitors get a chance for an up close look at the sturdy, long lived Noorduyn Norseman that gave it’s name to this nostalgic and feel good event. You can even fly in one, as Norseman Rides are a feature of each year’s Festival. There’s also a float plane fly-by that last year included Turbine and Polish engined Otters, Beavers, and a Caravan, in addition to the iconic Norseman’s themselves.

Beyond that, there’s a medley of games and contests for the whole family, a BBQ, a potpourri of stage entertainment and a Lakeside Beach Market where vendors offer up everything from crafts, jewelry, and imported clothing to a veritable smorgasbord of fast food.

Elsewhere in town, there’s a slo-pitch tourney, live music and a chance for a cool drink on a hot day. In fact, organizers offer local groups an opportunity to organize compatible events all week long. So you’ll have to check out the web site in the months preceding July 19th -26th if you want to see all that’s going to happen when Red Lake rocks the runway and the beach at Norseman Festival 2014.


Thank You!

The Norseman Festival Committee would like to thank all those who participated in the 2013 Norseman Festival. The Festival continues to be a major undertaking, requiring many kinds of support. This year the development of a new venue at Kinsman Beach, and the expansion of our activities at the Airport and around Dan Kucheran Field, made for exciting and challenging times. It wouldn’t have happened without many volunteers, the donors of necessary items, services and financial assistance, our supporting advertisers, and our dedicated corporate sponsors. If we have inadvertently missed including anyone, please accept our sincere apologies.

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